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What is strengths-focused therapy?

Allison Bender, she/her

I use a strengths-based approach to working with others. This means that I want to know what you are capable of before I learn what you are struggling with. It's not what's wrong with you, it's what's happened to you. I want to empower you to uncover your own skills and assets because I believe working with what you have is the most sustainable future for you and your circumstances. I believe you know a thing or two about how to move your life forward, you are simply needing clarity to make an action plan. I aim to support you in uncovering what you may have forgotten about yourself.

My clinical experience has led me to work in schools facilitating restorative justice circles, providing in-home therapy to families with youth in crisis, and supporting a variety of individuals and couples in a group practice downtown. Opening my own practice in the summer of 2022 had been a growth edge I've leaned into that that has allowed me to more finely craft the ways I work with clients and focus on empowerment from the bottom up.

I have earned undergraduate degrees in social work, and gender and women's studies from UW-Madison. I have pursued my master's degree in clinical social work at UW-Madison, and later obtained a clinical license from the State of Wisconsin. I utilize a variety of clinical modalities and techniques: Behavior Modification, CBT, EMDR, Gottman Method, Motivational Interviewing, Psychoeducation, Solution-Focused, TF-CBT, and more. Collaboratively, we will decide what is the best approach for you!

When I am not working in my office, I am out and about exploring Madison on my bike. I have a thriving houseplant collection. I am creative and enjoy making art and learning new crafting hobbies. I love reading in a hammock when the weather permits! 

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