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- Albert Einstein

"In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity."

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Therapy services provided

Individual Therapy

"I grew up in a family that I'm still trying to heal from. I advocating for myself and setting boundaries has always been tough. I'm feeling lost in my life right now."

You are feeling overwhelmed with your life. You are struggling to make choices and find direction. It is hard to stay motivated and see the bigger picture of where your life is going. You've lost your sense of purpose as things around you are changing. Your sense of identity is fading and you aren't the person you used to be.

Couples and Relationship Therapy

"We aren't communicating! Sex isn't fulfilling anymore. We can't agree on anything. I don't know if I should stay."

You are feeling frustrated with your relationship. Whether you are pre-marital, empty-nesters together for decades, or anything in between; relationships are ripe for conflict. You are struggling to feel understood by your partner. You're not connected enough to have meaningful intimacy. It is not clear where this relationship is going, but something is not working with your communication.

Family Therapy and Parent Skills Training

"My child is out of control! The kids never listen to me. Consequences just don't work in our family. I've tried everything!"

You are feeling lost as a parent. You've tried incentive plans, harsh consequences, and everything in between; nothing seems to help. It is hard to stick to a plan because parenting is harder than you thought. Your child may have mental health issues and you don't know how to cope with that.

Clinical Supervision

Mental health MSW-graduates and CAPSWs gaining their 3000 hours to earn their clinical license.

You're a novice clinician at an agency or practice that does not offer you contact with a supervisor who can support you on your journey to earn your clinical license. You are needing a space to be reflective about your work with clients and grow your skills. You want to learn from a supervisor who will teach, challenge, and help you shape your therapeutic style. This services is billed at $100 per supervision session.

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