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No cost 15 minute consultation call

Let's chat! I offer consultation calls to hear about your needs and share more with you about my style. No obligation to schedule; therapy should never be pushy. If we aren't a good fit, I might have a referral to share with you!

Please complete the contact form in the above tab to get started.

Rates and Insurance: Text

Rates of Service

Payment options are dependent on the service provided. All fees can be paid with a credit and debit cards, as well as FSA and HSA cards. Cash and personal checks are accepted at the time of office-based services.

Rates and Insurance: Insurance
Client 2

Individual Therapy

$165 - private pay; 50 minutes
$297 - private pay; 90 minutes

A discrete payment option for those without or uninterested in external involvement  and diminished privacy that comes with using their health insurance. This form of payment does not require a mental health diagnosis.

Client 3

Couples and Partners therapy

$185 - private pay; 50 minutes
$333 - private pay; 90 minutes

Couples and polyamorous relationships needing support to navigate communication, sex, finances, division of labor, and other issues occurring within their bonds. Longer sessions are recommended to streamline success.

Client 5

Family Therapy and Parent Skills

$185 - private pay; 50 minutes
$333 - private pay; 90 minutes

Parents and caregivers needing skills to address issues in their family. This service is often a replacement for youth-oriented individual therapy, and instead aims to improve the parental response to adverse behaviors in their children and change family behaviors and outcomes. Longer sessions are recommended to streamline success.

Client 8

Health Insurance

services and fees are plan dependent - confirm coverage with your insurer

This form of payment requires a mental health diagnosis. Clients with out of network benefit plans are provided superbills to submit for reimbursement.

Dean, Medicaid, Quartz

Please verify benefit with your insurer.

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No Surprises Act

Receiving a Good Faith Estimate

In an effort to legalize transparency of medical costs, you are entitled to a "good faith estimate" of the cost of future services if you are a self-paying client. We will explicitly discuss the cost of services before confirming our initial session. I will provide the Good Faith Estimate to you in the intake materials and paperwork.

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